Pro Bono

County Attorneys wishing to increase their contribution to providing pro bono legal services may find Colorado Legal Services and Metro Volunteer Lawyers to be valuable resources. If you have questions about your ability to provide pro bono services, the Colorado Bar Guidebook is an excellent resource. 

A growing number of Association members have already agreed to provide some services and have made their names available as contacts.  If you would like to be included, please submit your name and contact information, as well as information on what type of assistance you would be willing to provide to a member of the Executive Board.

Members of the Colorado County Attorneys Association who have agreed to assist include:

Adams County

Doug Edelstein, Assistant County Attorney
(720) 523-6116
Mentor; Speaker

Christine Franescani, Assistant County Attorney
(720) 523-6884

Heidi Miller, Deputy County Attorney
(720) 523-6116
Mentor; Speaker; Possibly unpaid intern

Arapahoe County

Ron Carl, County Attorney
(303) 795-4639
Office has a mentor and intern relationship with DU

Archuleta County

Todd Starr, County Attorney
(970) 264-8401
Mentor; Speaker; Intern Paid and Unpaid

Boulder County

Ben Doyle,
(303) 441-3854
Office has a mentor and intern relationship with CU

David Hughes
(303) 441-4976
Mentor; Speaker; Paid and Unpaid Interns

Chaffee County

Jennifer Davis, County Attorney
(719) 530-5564
Pro Bono

Douglas County

Kelly Dunnaway, Deputy County Attorney
(303) 660-7414
Mentor; Speaker; Possible Unpaid Intern

Eagle County

Bryan Treu, County Attorney
(970) 328-8685

Jefferson County

Pat Gilbert,
(303) 271-8968
Mentor; Speaker (prefers CU)

Kourtney Hartman,
(303) 271-8964
Mentor (prefers DU)

Writer Mott,
(303) 271-8913
Mentor; Speaker

Ellen Wakefield, County Attorney
(303) 271-8900
Speaker; Intern (currently unpaid)

Lake County

Lindsey Parlin, County Attorney
(719) 486-2121
Pro Bono

Larimer County

David Aryaud, Senior Assistant County Attorney
(970) 498-7450
Mentor; Unpaid Intern; Speaker

Mesa County

Lyle Deschant, County Attorney
(970) 244-1612
Speaker; Possible intern

Pitkin County

Laura C. Makar, Assistant County Attorney
(970) 920-5190
Pro Bono

Saguache County

Ben Gibbons, County Attorney
(719) 852-4731
Mentor; Speaker